29 Fatal Mistakes Many Apartment Buyers Make

"All of these mistakes are common, but very sad and completely avoidable. I wrote this book because I kept seeing the same mistakes over and over again and I saw lives ruined and investors leave the business, when with a little foresight they would have been fine. Take this little extra time to read this book and protect yourself."  Rod Khleif - Real Estate Expert  and High Performance Coach. 

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"I have all of my high dollar coaching clients read this first" - Rod Khleif - Host of the Number One Real Estate Podcast on Itunes; "Lifetime Cash Flow throught Real Estate Investing"

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  • #1 most fatal mistake many apartment buyers make which is painfully easy to avoid. 
  • The #1 reason to invest in apartments 
  • The critical and free tools that many apartment buyers neglect to take advantage of. 
  • The most important question that many buyers forget to ask.
  • The biggest mistake analytical buyers make. 
  • The best markets new investors should look in first.